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The 420 Elite Online Head Shop produces quality glass water pipes and bongs, glass smoking pipes and smoking accessory's to your door step at affordable prices. 100% money back guarantee if you do not like it

420 Elite was established in 1999. Producing Hand Blown Glass Smoking Pipes and Water Bongs, Glass Water Pipes, Smoking Pipes and accessory's. Selling exclusively to just Head Shops around the world. There is a 420 Elite Glass Water Bong, Glass Water Pipe in every head shop on the globe.

1999 420 Elite Online Head Shop opened for the first time. Offering Glass Smoking Pipes and Water Bongs, Glass Water Pipes, Smoking Pipes and accessory's online to the public. We was amazed of the mark ups these headshops was and are making. Sometimes marking up prices 300% from the cost of the glass blowers and manufacturers. We sell the same exact quality pieces for a fraction of the price because we are the supplier to headshops, both physical headshops and online headshops. Compare the prices for yourself and don't pay to much for the same pipes. Thank you to all that took the time to give us a positive review. Our 420 friends are why we do this. Thank you.

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Once the Game Call of Duty came out with Elite and made it known that once achieving a certain level you can "own" the clan name and tag and keep that name and carry it on through out the series the 420 Elite clan was born. Using the tags 420 and with 100 members "the max" and over 300 applications of players wanting to join. 420 Elite has become a power house clan and one of the better known clans around the game. ranked as high as 13th in the world out of 40,000 plus clans.

 The 420 Elite Community and the 420 Elite Clan has done well because of the one thing we have in common. Enjoying the 420 lifestyle, Being able to go to a place and learn something new everyday. Enjoying some of the finer things in life with the people you like. And sometimes those finer things break and you need a new one. That is where the 420 Elite Online Head Shop comes in. Looking around the internet its not real easy to find a good place to get some awesome pipes and not pay a fortune.  We have located several sources and brought all to one spot so we can easily get what we need delivered to our door step in a discreet package.

Stay High and Mighty


Discreet Billing , Discreet Packaging. Shipped within 48 hours.